Return check-in within 48 hours


You may check-in for both your onward and return flight together, if you are returning within 48hours of your onward flight. If you are carrying baggage, it will be checked-in on your first flight. For your return flight, you have to proceed to the check-in counters to drop off your baggage.


At a glance

  • Return check-in with 48 hours
  • Selected destinations where this service is available

Return check-in is available for flights between Singapore and the following countries:

 Europe North Asia  South East Asia   South West Pacific
London Beijing Bangkok Auckland
Hong Kong Bandar Seri Begawan Brisbane
  Incheon (Seoul, Korea) Denpasar (Bali) Melbourne
  Kansai (Osaka, Japan) Jakarta Sydney
  Narita (Tokyo, Japan) Kuala Lumpur Perth
  Haneda (Tokyo, Japan) Manila  
  Nagoya ( Japan) Myanmar (Yangon)