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Codeshare Partners of Singapore Airlines


One of the closest forms of Singapore Airlines' cooperation with partner airlines is through codesharing where we place our flight numbers on partners' services.


Thus, you get to enjoy the convenience of enhanced frequency and greater choice of destinations as one of Singapore Airlines' product offerings.

Do note that when travelling on a codeshare flight operated by our codeshare partner, the Conditions of Carriage of the operating carrier applies, and these may differ from Singapore Airlines' conditions (e.g baggage allowance). Please visit the website of our partner carriers below for the full details of specific terms and conditions.


Flights to/from USA operated by Codeshare Partners of Singapore Airlines


Singapore Airlines codeshares on Air Canada, All Nippon Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Virgin America to/from various US cities. A Singapore Airlines codeshare flight will have a four-digit SQ flight number although the flight is operated by another airline. When you travel on a codeshare flight, you will be informed of the airline operating your flight. Do note that applicable restrictions and entitlements are subject to the rules of the operating carrier. It is therefore important to familiarize yourself with the operating carrier’s terms and conditions, including but not limited to those regarding:


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  • Baggage acceptance, allowance, and liability

    Singapore Airlines’ baggage allowance conditions can be found here. If you are traveling on a codeshare flight on one of the following partners airlines, please note that their baggage allowance may differ from that of Singapore Airlines, especially when travelling Trans-Atlantic or Trans-Pacific sectors. To find out the latest baggage allowances of our codeshare partners, please click on the airline name below which will bring you directly to their webpage relating to baggage allowances.

  • Check-in time limits

    In general, all Singapore Airlines flights departing from Singapore will stop acceptance of passengers at check-in 40 minutes before departure.  Boarding gates usually close 10 minutes before departure.  For other countries, please check with the local office for check-in counter closure times or click here to view them.
    If you are traveling on a codeshare flight operated by the following airlines, please note the check-in time limits.


    Airline Check-in deadline Boarding gate deadline
    Air Canada 60 minutes 20 minutes
    All Nippon Airways 60 minutes 30 minutes
    Virgin Atlantic 60 minutes 30 minutes
    Virgin America Please refer to Virgin America website for details.
  • Unaccompanied minors

    Singapore Airlines extends this service to our young passengers from the age of 5 to under 17, when they travel without their parents or guardians aged 18 years and above.

    Should your child be traveling alone on a codeshare flight, you may wish to note the following:

    Airline Age to which service applies Additional notes
    Air Canada 8 to 11 years (mandatory)
    12 to 17 years (optional)
    Youths age 16 and over may act as accompanying adults for minors aged 11 years or less.
    A service fee of $100 CAD/USD each way per child per flight applies.
    Please contact Air Canada or your travel agent to request for this service.  Please note that this service is only available for non-stop flights.
    All Nippon Airways 5 to 11 years Please contact ANA International Flight Reservation and Information Center to request for this service.
    Virgin Atlantic 5 to 15 years old Please request this service either directly with the Virgin Atlantic offices or through a travel agent.
    Virgin America - Not available on codeshare or interline flights.
  • Carriage of Animals

    Singapore Airlines and our codeshare partners accept guide dogs as well as emotional support and psychiatric service animals in the cabin on certain routes.  Please contact the airline concerned directly to check on their procedure for carriage of service animals.  Kindly note that quarantine-related certification, with the requisite processing time, may be required.  Further, some of our codeshare partners also allow pets in the cabin.

    If you are traveling on a codeshare flight operated by the following airlines, please note the following information.

     Airline Pet Travel in Cabin  Pet Travel in Baggage Compartment
    Air Canada Cats and small dogs are accepted in the cabin.
    Please contact Air Canada Reservations within 24 hours of your booking.  Handling fees may apply.
    Please contact Air Canada Reservations within 24 hours of your booking.  Temperature controlled and ventilated baggage compartments are available only on certain aircraft. Handling fees may apply.
    All Nippon Airways - Please contact ANA Reservation and Information Center for further information and reservations.  Excess baggage charges may be levied.
    Virgin Atlantic - Please contact Virgin Atlantic to check availability for your pet before booking your own flight.
    Virgin America Pets are not allowed on codeshare or interline flights.  Only service animals and emotional support animals are allowed. Not allowed on codeshare flights.
  • Ancillary Fees

    If you are travelling on a codeshare flight on one of the following partner airlines, please click the appropriate airline link below to find the ancillary fees charged by these partner airlines for various additional product and services.